I Heard Decay

As the heavens will fall, we will be together soon. If we will be anything at all.

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Hank’s death. Walt telling Jesse the truth about Jane. Skyler telling Flynn the truth about Walt. Todd forcing Jesse to cook. That dreadful knife fight. Rather than dissect each one of these tragedies—and that is exactly what they are—I can’t stop thinking about how this episode works as a condemnation of Walt, even as he sacrificed his money and his family. Remember, Walt defended everything he did with a simple idea: His family needed a nest egg. That idea corrupted the suburban ideal of masculinity—a man provides for his family—into a justification for awful things. At times, Breaking Bad made you sympathize with Walt’s motives. What man wouldn’t do anything to protect his family? But Walt has protected nothing. When his wife and son are cowering from him in his own home, can he still claim to be a father? A husband? A man? “What the hell is wrong with you?” he says, moments before stealing his newborn child from her mother. “We’re a family. We’re a family.”
Chris Heller, The Atlantic (via timetoputonashow)

(Source: The Atlantic, via fowlcruz)